What To Expect



Our planning process is built around you. You will meet with one of our landscape design experts to meticulously plan every detail you are looking for without breaking your budget.

The planning phase happens like this:

  1. Initial estimate between you and our lead landscape design expert
  2. Delivery of detailed plan and budget document
  3. Follow up with you to answer any of your questions and get your approval to move ahead and get your project on our schedule 



We do not start until you approve our design we provide to you to the very last detail and you are 100% happy and satisfied with your design.  Thanks to our award winning three step process we are confident you will love our designs!

  1. Creation of the initial design that captures everything that you would love to have in your project down to the very last detail of your project
  2. Formal review of the initial design by a Joey's Landcare landscape design expert
  3. Final design delivered to you for your approval



It's a thrill when you see your vision come to life right in front of you! 

The install phase happens like this:

  1. Pre install walk through with your principal installer and the lead landscape design expert  (If Necessary)
  2. Installation of your landscape down to the last detail
  3. Post install walk through with your principal installer to ensure we've nailed it!